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China JJR Laboratory provides INMETRO Certification for electronic products and home appliances entering the Brazilian market, including EMC/safety testing.

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INMETRO certified products and certification methods

1. Mandatory category

1. Steel pipe, cast iron pipe accessories, steel wire rope

2. Automobile and motorcycle tires, wheels, batteries, shock absorbers, fuel pumps, horns, engine pistons, piston rings, piston pins, circlips, safety glass lights, auto parts

3. Active medical devices

4. Circuit breaker

5. Live equipment used in explosive environment (explosion-proof certification)

6. Related equipment of gas system (pressure reducing valve and rubber hose)

7. Switch, plug and socket

8. Electronic ballast (ballast)

9. Wires and cables

10. Voltage regulator

11. Home appliances

12.IT equipment


2. Voluntary category

1. Industrial valves

2. Building materials, etc. [2]

3. Energy efficiency label

4. Three-phase motor

5. Photovoltaic modules, etc. [3]


What is a Brazil INMETRO Certification?

INMETRO certification is Brazil's national accreditation body (Accreditation Body), responsible for the formulation of Brazilian national standards. Most Brazilian product standards are based on IEC and ISO standards. Manufacturers who need to export their products to Brazil should refer to these two standards when designing their products. All products that meet the Brazilian standards and other technical requirements must be marked with the mandatory INMETRO mark and the mark of an accredited third-party certification body before they can enter the Brazilian market.


INMETRO certification process

In the INMETRO certification, the most widely used certification model is the internationally accepted certification model 5, which includes the testing of the product itself and the audit of the factory quality management system. At the same time, this model also requires preliminary and supervisory audits. The specific process is as follows:


1. Initial review

1. Product technical file analysis

2. Define the product family and determine the test product model

3. Initial factory audit

4. Sampling)

5. Laboratory evaluation (if applicable)

6. Witness test (if applicable)

7. Importer review

8. Certification process review

9. Issue a certificate


2. Follow-up supervision and review

According to Brazilian laws, different products have different supervision and audit cycles, generally 6/9/12 months. The process is as follows:

1. Importer review

2. Sampling

3. Factory audit

4. Laboratory evaluation (if applicable)

5. Witness test (if applicable)

6. Importer review

7. Certification process review

8. Renew the certificate



1. INMETRO certification precautions:

1. In Brazil, plugs must comply with the standards NBR 14136 and NBR NM 60884-1. Since January 1, 2009, NEMA plugs have been officially eliminated;

2. If it is a CB report for circuit breaker products issued by other laboratories, some tests must be added (the scheme is designated by Brazil);

3. For small circuit breakers, the I2t curve diagram under each current must be submitted before certification;

4. There are LCIE test reports and CIG023 reports for electronics, which can be directly transferred to the INMETRO certificate;


2. INMETRO certification application process

1. Communicate in the early stage of the project and initiate an application to Huatongwei after confirmation

2. Sample delivery test

3. Issue a test report

4. Arrange for factory audit

5. Assist in submitting the test report and factory audit report to the certification body

6. A certificate will be issued after the information is reviewed and approved



we provides a full range of electrical safety testing for compliance with INMETRO requirements. Specific testing services include:


High voltage test (dielectric withstand test) - measures the ability of an electrical product to withstand a high voltage applied between a product’s electrical circuit and ground.

Leakage current test - evaluates whether current that flows between an AC source and ground does not exceed a specified limit.

Insulation resistance test - calibrates the quality of the electrical insulation used.

Ground continuity test - ensures that a clear path is available between all exposed metal surfaces and the power system ground.

Ground bond test - confirms that the ground connection from a product to earth ground is sufficient.


Why Choose Us?

JJR Lab, accredited by CNAS, CMA, CNCA & A2LA, consistently operates competently and generates accurate and valid results in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. We are also IECEE CB Scheme Test Laboratory (CBTL). Thus, testing reports from JJR Lab can be accepted between countries.


Your Benefits At A Glance:

1.20 Years Of Experience

JJR has extensive experience in all types of devices and regulatory requirements across markets. 

2.Provide Free Modification Service Program

Together with our wealth of knowledge in complex regulations globally, JJR provides a complete suite of testing solutions according to your needs including free Modification service.

3.Save time to global markets

With over 7,000 square meters of labs, JJR offers the best testing cycles and you don't have to wait in line, JJR offers 1-on-1 service.With our in-depth insight of global product quality and regulatory requirements, JJR can optimize your costs and minimize your time to market.

4.Complete qualifications

ISO/IEC 17025 lab, accreditated by CNAS, CMA,A2LA,GLP.

5.Competitve price

located in China ,Testing costs are lower than other labs.


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Service Procedure

1. Provide us with product pictures, product brochures/manuals

2. Determine your needs(test report purpose/ test itmes/ standards)

3. Receive the testing/compliance service proposal and quotation 

4. Sign contract and make payment

5.Send samples (please contact us for address info.)

6.Informed project opening and test TAT(turn around time) via email


8.Draft report for your confirmation

9. Formal reports endorsed by ILAC - CNAS (electronic version) 

10.Sample Discard or Return

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