Wi-Fi 6E product FCC Certification

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JJRLAB offers complete FCC regulatory testing and certification services for Wi-Fi 6E products, supported by our global wireless testing authorization, compliant test sites, and advanced equipment.

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Wi-Fi 6E is an enhancement of Wi-Fi 6 technology. Many countries such as the United States and Canada have successively opened 6GHz. Wi-Fi 6E technology will be increasingly used in indoor multimedia products and specific outdoor scenarios. Therefore, The compliance of this performance of various communication electronic products will be very important.

JJRLAB has obtained wireless radio frequency and performance testing authorization qualifications in many countries and regions, built test sites that meet standard requirements, and introduced multiple sets of Professional testing equipment and a professional technical team established to provide customers with one-stop solutions for FCC regulatory testing and certification of Wi-Fi 6E products


Service area

• Products for indoor use (low power indoor AP, slave device, indoor client, dual client)
• Products for outdoor use (standard power AP, standard client, fixed client)


Indoor and outdoor product usage restrictions

Indoor Product Use Restrictions

Outdoor product use restrictions

Indoor use, power supply via wired connection, integrated antenna, cannot be powered by battery (backup battery can be used briefly during power outage), no rainproof casing

It cannot be used on oil platforms, cars, trains, ships, and airplanes (except for large airplanes flying above 3km)

Cannot be used on drones

APs and slave devices must be able to identify

Cannot be used on oil platforms, cars, trains, ships, and airplanes (for 6SD and 6FC)

No control or communication with drones (all outdoor devices)

No direct internet connection allowed (for 6FX)

For installation on fixed equipment only (for 6FC)

Work is limited to connecting 6SD (for 6CD, 6FX and 6FC)

Main test items and standards

Wi-Fi version book

Working frequency

Frequency range (MHz)

FCC regulatory requirements

Wi-Fi 6E

IEEE 802.11.ax




47 CFR Part 15E

KDB 987594 D01

KDB 987594 D02








JJRLAB Wi-Fi 6E product FCC testing and certification services

• Wi-Fi 6E product performance testing services
• Wi-Fi 6E product multi-national certification regulatory testing services
• Wi-Fi 6E product testing and certification related business training and technical consulting


Wi-Fi 6E product FCC Certification(图1)

Wi-Fi 6E product FCC Certification(图2)

Wi-Fi 6E product FCC Certification(图3)

Advantages of JJRLAB

• JJRLAB is a professional third-party testing and certification agency. It has obtained CNAS, CMA, and A2LA accreditation qualifications, has nearly 20 years of industry experience, and has high international recognition.
• JJRLAB introduces advanced testing equipment and deploys an experienced expert technical team to ensure testing Accurate data and efficient service
• JJRLAB uses a self-developed laboratory management platform to ensure scientific and efficient project management
• JJRLAB, as a third-party testing and certification agency trusted by global customers, protects your quality



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