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JJR Labs provides UL certification testing for electronic products entering the U.S. market. The laboratory is accredited by CNAS, CMA, CNCA and A2LA

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What is a USA UL Certification?

UL is the abbreviation of Underwriters laboratories Inc. It is an internationally well-known private safety testing organization, and it is also an independent, non-profit, third-party certification organization that conducts tests for public safety. At present, UL is mainly engaged in product testing, management system evaluation, quality system review and registration, product inspection and standard formulation. The UL mark has become one of the world's famous safety certification marks.


Product We Test

1. Products that UL certification mainly targets

Anti-theft and signaling devices, such as UL153 is a requirement for hand-held electric lights;

Equipment to prevent fire and chemical hazards, UL8 is a requirement for foam fire extinguishers;

Electrical appliances, such as UL1459 are requirements for telephone equipment;

UL1026 is a requirement for household appliances;

Fire protection equipment;

Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and water supplies.


Materials to be submitted for UL certification

1. Written request

Put forward the requirements for testing of our products to UL company in written method.


2. Company materials

Provide specific and accurate titles, addresses, contact persons, zip codes, telephone numbers, and fax numbers of the following units in both Chinese and English.

Requesting company: the company that requests product testing and pays all commissioned service fees;

Listed companies: companies listed in various product catalogs published by UL;

Production plant: The manufacturer and producer of the product.


3. Product materials

The materials of the product should be provided in English.

Product title: the full name of the supplied product;

Product Type: List all the product types, types or classification numbers that need to be tested in detail;

Use of product reservations: for example: homes, offices, factories, coal mines, ships, etc.;


Electrical functions: For electronic and electrical products, electrical schematic diagrams (circuit diagrams) and electrical function tables are provided;

Structure diagram: For most products, the structure diagram or packaging diagram, ingredient list, etc. of the product to be supplied;

Product photos, instructions for use, safety, etc., or device descriptions, etc.


The meaning of American UL certification:

1. The entire US market pays great attention to product safety; when consumers and purchasers choose products, they will choose products with UL certification marks.

2. UL has a history of more than 100 years, and the image of safety is deeply ingrained by consumers and the government. If you do not sell products directly to consumers, the intermediary will also require the products to have UL certification marks in order to make the products sell well.

3. American consumers and purchasers have more confidence in the company's products.

4. The U.S. federal, state, county, and city governments have a total of more than 40,000 political districts, all of which recognize the UL certification mark.

Why Choose Us?

JJR Lab, accredited by CNAS, CMA, CNCA & A2LA, consistently operates competently and generates accurate and valid results in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. We are also IECEE CB Scheme Test Laboratory (CBTL). Thus, testing reports from JJR Lab can be accepted between countries.


Your Benefits At A Glance:

1.20 Years of experience

JJR has extensive experience in all types of devices and regulatory requirements across markets. 

2.Provide free modification service

Together with our wealth of knowledge in complex regulations globally, JJR provides a complete suite of testing solutions according to your needs including free modification service.

3.Save time to global markets

With over 7,000 square meters of labs, JJR offers the best testing cycles and you don't have to wait in line, JJR offers 1-on-1 service.With our in-depth insight of global product quality and regulatory requirements, JJR can optimize your costs and minimize your time to market.

4.Complete qualifications

ISO/IEC 17025 lab, accreditated by CNAS, CMA,A2LA,GLP.

5.Competitve price

Located in China ,testing costs are lower than other labs.


We're Here for You

We're based in China but regularly work with clients globally. We will get back to you in 1 working day.


Our Business Hours: 

8.30am - 5.00pm in CST (UTC/GMT+08:00) Monday - Friday 



You can also contact us directly by email.


Service Procedure

1. Provide us with product pictures, product brochures/manuals

2. Determine your needs(test report purpose/ test itmes/ standards)

3. Receive the testing/compliance service proposal and quotation 

4. Sign contract and make payment

5.Send samples (please contact us for address info.)

6.Informed project opening and test TAT(turn around time) via email


8.Draft report for your confirmation

9. Formal reports endorsed by ILAC - CNAS (electronic version) 

10.Sample Discard or Return

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